Saudi Aramco has successfully used inflow control devices (ICDs) in the past few years to equalize production profile and enhance recovery from new and re-entry horizontal wellbores. This approach was limited to hole sizes of 5-1/2" hole and bigger. These success results led to working over old wells in mature fields, originally completed with 4-1/2" liners/casings, with ICD completion systems to prolong production life.

The paper will describe the drilling, completion and successful installation of the world's first ultra slim-hole ICD system, run across the mother bore of a short radius re-entry 3-7/8" tri-lateral horizontal section. The paper will highlight the following:

  1. The directional plan approach used to ensure the ICD completion will go past the branch out points, all the way to the total depth of the mother bore.

  2. The completion equipment, which consisted of ultra slim ICDs and swell packers for zonal isolation.

  3. Operational problems encountered and corrective actions for future re-entries.

The paper's summary will show the production performance of the well and how the completion was successful in compartmentalizing and distributing the flow from the mother bore and other laterals.

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