Challenges associated with sandstone heterogeneous reservoirs require effective collaboration of reservoir engineers, geoscientists with application of latest technologies and best practices. This will help enhance reservoir sweep through optimal horizontal well placement.

Due to the challenges associated with fluid identification in fresh water environment, flood front movement and extreme vertical and lateral heterogeneity, an effort was made to maximize the contact across the reservoir through optimizing horizontal well placement. Another challenging aspect is the interpretation of productive sand versus none productive sands between correlatable offset wells.

This paper presents case studies to demonstrate the team’s successful practices to overcome field’s challenges and achieve significant improvements in horizontal well placements in one of SAUDI ARAMCO’s most complex sandstone reservoirs. Strategies and combined applications of LWD, MDT, NMR and borehole image logs run in the pilot hole that helped in geo-steering the horizontal wells in thin oil column will be highlighted in this paper.

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