Currently, many of the producers are horizontal wells and a considerable number of them are equipped with smart complex completions. Evaluating the performance of these horizontal producers is critically important for improved reservoir management. Conventional production logging tools cannot meet the challenges of logging horizontal wells, especially in multiphase flow. A new logging tool has been specifically designed to better characterize fluid flow in horizontal wells. Advanced sensors provide better resolution among gas, oil, and water and cover more cross sectional areas of a wellbore for enhanced characterization of multiphase flow regimes. The new tool is also more compact to pass through intervals that have high dog legs.

In this paper we will briefly review the new technologies available today for production logging, with examples of evaluating horizontal wells with barefoot smart completions, diagnosing water entries, flow profiles and fluid break-through. Production flow profiles are also used for identifying geological features such as super permeable zones or fractures. Well performance evaluation shows that the integration of the flow profiles, well performances and all other reservoir data provided improved reservoir characterization and better well production strategies.

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