This paper describes an innovative completion solutions with reservoir monitoring and control completion technologies that allows commingled oil production from multi-laterals wells in Shaybah inside expandable liner. Slim intelligent completions technology has been successfully installed in Shaybah field, operated by Saudi Aramco. Included in the description are equipment selection, design and development details, installation procedures, and "lessons learned" after installation of the fully hydraulic tubing-retrievable advance completion system with digital permanent down hole monitoring system. Intelligent completions allows individual lateral testing, allocation of production rates to optimize each lateral contribution and the overall commingled well rate. Along with real time monitoring, sustainability of well rate will be extended by timely reacting to any changes to reservoir and well conditions.

Using variable positions flow control valve, early water breakthrough can be delayed to increase recovery factor. Monitoring the flowing pressure in real time allows producing the well at optimum rate; i.e., above bubble point pressure. Ultimately, intelligent completions will limit the water handling at the surface, minimize future intervention and concurrently increase the recovery factor for MRC (Maximum Reservoir Contact) wells.

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