Nowadays, high water-oil ratio producing fields are responsible for a significant portion of world oil production, particularly from mature fields where production practices are the key to managing operating costs and optimizing profit. In today's environment with relatively high oil prices, technology application in field management plays a critical role in improving production performance and recovery, as well as redefining the economic limit of the field.

Excessive water production is one of the main threats to the longevity of oil wells. It results in increased production cost and higher field capital investment requirements in surface facilities to produce and handle water. Saudi Aramco has taken major steps in applying technologies on both newly developed and mature fields. These technologies had contributed to a remarkable water production reduction in the Abqaiq Field. Technologies such as; smart completion, side tacking at the top of the reservoir, maximum reservoir contact (MRC) wells, Equalizer and interval control valve (ICV) production technologies, intermittent production strategy and rigorous water shut-offs for high water-oil-ratio (WOR) wells, has resulted in reversing the Abqaiq field's water cut trend from 42% in 2004 to 32% by the end of 2006.

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