Saudi Aramco's drilling strategy witnessed a change in the last few years by drilling horizontal and extended reach maximum reservoir contact (MRC) wells. One of the objectives behind this strategy is to improve the well productivity by maximizing oil production and minimizing water production. The paper will demonstrate the challenges and successes of reducing produced water by using smart completions and how multiphase flow meters (MPFM) helped in getting better results to allow faster decision making. In one of the challenging areas in Ghawar field where the water will reach the wellbore much faster via the reservoir's fractures. Using the smart completion with the conventional rate testing (the plant's testing facility) required longer time to reach the best possible setting for the downhole flow control valves to achieve the optimum flow rate. Using the combination of smart completion and portable MPFM (Multiphase Flow Meter), resulted in reducing the water cut (WC) form 20% to 0% maintaining the same required average oil rate (Fig. 1), and enabled better reservoir management. The results from this experience, as will as other experiences, have been utilized in a recent major increment in the Ghawar field that was mainly developed using multilateral MRC wells equipped with downhole smart completions and surface MPFMs.

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