Carbonate rock are characterized by complicity of pore system. Variety of pore types associate with Variety of flow characteristics. The main characteristics affected by varying rock pore types are; Porosity-permeability relationship, Capillary pressure and relative permeability, and Archie cementation factor (m).

Many pore systems could be existed in heterogeneous carbonate. Discriminate the different pore types in vertical and lateral directions through heterogeneous carbonate are a difficult task but essential for reliable evaluation and effective management of carbonate reservoirs. Conventional log response and traditional log interpretations do not have the ability to discriminate the different pore types. So, discriminating rock pore type and flow units through heterogeneous carbonate, require integration for all available data. There are no universal applicable techniques to integrate the available data for recognizing the different pore type and flow units through heterogeneous rock.

This paper introduces an approach to correlate the conventional log data with the production results of the old wells which were completed on heterogeneous Miocene carbonate reservoirs. A series of cross plots for the perforated intervals of highest and lowest productivity wells were constructed. These cross plot show a relationship between the well productivity and the position of log data on such cross plots. Based on this observation a relation between rock quality or productivity and conventional log data was established. The recently drilled wells data such as mobility from Modular dynamic tester (MDT), pressure transient analyses and core data confirm this relation.

This approach enhances understating the Miocene carbonate behavior and improves reservoir managements by:

  • Accurate reservoir evaluation and select perforated intervals

  • Effective well completion and stimulation

  • Effective managements the Miocene carbonate gas injection projects.

On other hand, Layering simulation models for the Miocene carbonate reservoirs based on flow characteristic enhance the model reliability and prediction of the reservoirs behavior under different depletion schema.

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