Real time connectivity from the rig to the office is becoming the norm for many operations today. The real time operation support center (OSC) is the hub of these activities in town where domain experts, data interpretation experts, and drilling experts alike can be involved directly in data-centric collaboration and critical decision making. Having the ability to move the point of decision making from the point of data acquisition to the OSC intuitively provides the capability for more effective drilling optimization and the direct saving of non-productive time through risk mitigation.

A series of real case studies that show the range and scale of measures, and the interpretive actions that can be taken to optimize drilling and minimize downtime. Direct improvements in drilling rate of penetration through advanced software modeling of drilling parameters will be shown. These cases involve both the reduction of shock and vibration to the drilling assembly, thereby transmitting more of the energy in the system to the bit face, as well as the direct rate of penetration improvements through balancing weight on bit and surface RPM for each drilling system. Other cases will demonstrate improved well placement in the reservoir through the combination of monitoring the drilling parameters in conjunction with the real time data from the formation evaluation downhole tools. Direct troubleshooting of downhole tool problems relating to changes in downhole conditions will also be presented, and in many cases this can save an unnecessary trip out of hole.

Together, these case studies will show that significant value can be achieved by maximizing the effectiveness of the OSC, and by fully integrating real time quality and decision making procedures into all drilling operations. It can further be concluded from these case studies that this value can be measured, and can truly create a step change in performance. These improvements can be translated directly into lower cost per foot, and better hole quality, in addition to reduced lost in hole and therefore better equipment utilization.

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