The investigated field is located in the Solikamsk drawdown in the northeast of the Perm Territory. The oil content level of this field is composed of Tournaisian-Famennian, Radaevsky, Radaevian, and Tula formations. This article will analysis carbonate deposits from the Tula formation using the multiwell retrospective testing (MRT) technology.

Currently, the development system has been already formed, and there is ongoing compaction drilling and targeted drawdown increase that is carried out at certain wells. A pressure support system has been formed. Before the surveys have been conducted, there was a trend in production decline, for reasons that are currently unknown. To identify the causes of production decline at the carbonate reservoir in the field, special technology was used to analysis production history data and bottom hole pressure - this technology is called multiwell retrospective testing (MRT).

Four sections were selected for further analysis, MRT was able to reconstruct the reservoir pressure variations and production coefficient at the tested well, the influence of the offset wells on the tested wells has been evaluated, along with transmissibility at the cross-well interval and well-bore skin of the tested wells.

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