The purpose of this work is to analyze the prospects for efficiency increasing of high-tech wells construction using a drilling complex based on downhole permanent magnet motor.

For the first time, the article provides information about new drilling complex. Considered technology could provide a breakthrough in drilling high-tech wells. This technology combines advantages of drill string with electric wire and an ideal downhole motor with a wide rotational speed range, regardless of the type and flow rate of circulating agent.

The article provides a brief comparative analysis of electrodrilling implementation results "generation 70s", the composition of new electric drilling complex and its difference from the previous one are considered in details. Complex meets the requirements of high-tech wells construction and allows automating drilling process using ultra-high-speed bi-directional data transmission channel and quickly assessing the parameters of drilling regime and direction of drilling, characteristics of rocks, pressure and temperature distribution along the wellbore. Permanent magnet motor ensures optimum drilling parameters for rock destruction at the bottomhole, regardless of the well profile and the type of circulating agent, including managed pressured drilling. Effectiveness of accidents prevention and mitigation is increased.

Authors propose to discuss the prospects of electrodrilling technology using downhole permanent magnet motor, which is currently at TRL-3 level, to assess and specify adopted concept of electrical drilling complex development.

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