The Ministry of Oil (MOO) is going with new task to realize the New Kuwait Vision, and so, MOO is on track to shift to a complete digital work environment. Preliminary steps toward the transformation arose with a high concern of connecting with one of the main stakeholders, the Kuwait Oil Company. All in optimism to modernize the data digitally between the Kuwait Oil Company and the Ministry of Oil when it comes to the Technical papers proposal.

Based on such, many more motives appeared to modify the work process from manual to digital. Therefore, crucial plans were established based on calculated plans set by managerial personnel to group delegated tasks. As an outcome, the staff with recognizable capabilities dispersed these tasks and executed most using current applications.

In the ancient systems, papers that used to take around 21 working days to be reviewed from start to finish, now in a days with the digital system, take around 3 days only, saving a lot of time and resources for each technical paper that is submitted through this new and improved system.

Of course, guaranteeing a paperless route brought about many challenges and worries. The most important of them being the reassurance of security measures to protect personnel and the data sharing process. Additionally, the reception of senior workforces to change habits and relearn new procedures of producing daily tasks, as well as, increasing the capability through training courses and supervision. Furthermore, tackling errors exposed within the system through trial and error to boost the experience and optimize workflow.

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