The application of chemical enhanced oil recovery methods is based mainly on data from experiments. Determining the adsorption constants without destroying the sample remains a relevant problem. It is necessary for accurate data. The determination of filtration parameters of high-molecular polymers in a porous medium using special model is considered in this paper. The aim of the investigation is the solution of inverse problem of polymer transport with adsorption. The key data for this are the characteristic times of the polymer front propagation, water and rock densities, porosity, and initial polymer concentration. The solutions of the direct problem and the inverse problem from the characteristic form of equations are obtained. The algorithm of interpretation of adsorption-retention parameters and inaccessible pore volume form non-destructive experimental studies is developed. Comparison of the calculated values of the inaccessible pore volume with the results of laboratory studies leads to an error within 10%. The practical application of the algorithm was carried out using the data obtained in previously conducted experiments.

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