At present, in the oil community due to active implementation of information systems, modern well survey technologies, systems of registration of various data coming from oil fields, interest in the tasks of building mathematical models of oil and gas production processes has increased.

The «Smart Field» concept is a set of organizational, technological and information solutions for managing oil fields and oil production facilities, based on formalized models of business processes, enterprise operating model, asset integrated model ensuring optimal management of the asset, while meeting targets and existing limitations. It is based on a mandatory procedure of complex analysis and decision-making based on integration of information, technology and personnel.

An integral part of the «Smart Field» project is an Integrated Oil Field Model (IM), which includes the following components: formation model, well model, gathering and transportation system (G&TS) model, formation pressure maintenance system (FPM) model. The integrated model is a tool for calculating potential capacity and limitations, production optimization and performance indicators planning, taking into account mutual influence of the integrated model components.

Vostochno-Lambeishorskoye field is located in Usinsk District of the Republic of Komi in the Russian Federation. The average oil flow rate for this field is about 100-150 tons per day, field watercut - 15.5%, the field is under the first stage of development. Taking into account the asset development prospects the integrated model construction and its further application will make it possible to increase the economic efficiency of this field development.

In view of existing problems associated with the specifics of operation of electrical submersible pump (ESP) units at fields with high content of hydrogen sulfide, it is proposed to introduce a gas-lift operation method. In order to assess the technological feasibility of converting the well to gas-lift operation method and the project profitability, this article provides equipment selection and simulation with the use of a specialized software product.

The aim of the article is to solve the problem of low efficiency of high-sulfur field operation by designing a gas-lift method using integrated simulation tools.

The following tasks have been considered and solved as part of this work:

  • Gaslift calculation for the entire production well stock in well simulation models;

  • Sensitivity analysis of the obtained layouts for changes in formation parameters;

  • Creation of a simulation model of a ground gas injection system;

  • Conducting a series of calculations using an integrated field simulation model, where Visual basic for applications (VBA) script acts as a control element;

  • Economic assessment of the proposed options.

The integrated model is updated for the field operation parameters as of 10.01.2020. The data are provided by the Customer and are assessed as reliable.

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