Effective management of field development requires continuous monitoring of the hydrodynamic parameters of the reservoir and wells. One of the sources of such information is the results of interpretation and analysis of well test. The aim of the work is to increase the quantity and quality of well test, which can be achieved by automating their conduct and the operational processing of field data and events at the wells. The present work describes the concept of well testing in real time, the development and implementation methods for searching candidate wells and algorithms for giving expediency estimation for well testing.

Implementation of automation of the production process for well test can be divided into several successive stages: searching for wells for well testing, giving expediency estimation of the well test with the issuance of recommendations, making decisions about the well testing, monitoring well testing, completion and interpretation of the well test. Each stage requires a methodological and algorithmic study for all types of well test. Candidate wells are searched by identifying the shutdowns and monitoring wells. Expediency estimation algorithm of well test includes calculating the duration of well test and production and injection losses, checking changes in well operating conditions, analyzing the conditioning of field data, and planned and completed well activities, including previously well tests and intersection with the well test program.

Moreover, an analysis of the business processes of well testing showed that all research methods require automation of routine operations of analysis and preparation of field data from sensors of downhole telemetry systems. For this purpose, a service-oriented application for real-time well testing is being developed. The present software allows one to optimize the well test program with the inclusion of unscheduled well test, to increase the number of studies without increasing the losses in production and injection, and to increase the coverage of measurements and the effectiveness of monitoring field development.

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