The choice of the optimal trajectory of horizontal and directional wells, the placement of frac-ports for multistage hydraulic fracturing, taking into account prepared input data (using geological and geomechanical modeling with the rock properties anisotropy), provide optimization of hydraulic fracturing operations and field development. Formation T contains more than 3 trillion m3 of gas, and is already an object of close attention of the largest oil and gas companies. The unique character of the object is due to the high reservoir compartmentalization of the collector and low permeability. Therefore, the main development strategy for the reservoir is to drill low-angle and horizontal wells, followed by multistage hydraulic fracturing. The main goal of multistage hydraulic fracturing is to join productive intervals and at the same time avoid undesirable fracture breaks into neighboring layers. To achieve this goal, several tasks were solved: creation of a petrophysical and geological basis for geomechanical modeling, creation 1D and 3D geomechanical models taking into account the rock properties anisotropy due to the high layering of the reservoir, and preparing input data for hydraulic fracturing design.

For the qualitative creation of the geomechanical model at the observation wells of the field, an expanded complex of special well logging studies has been performed, borehole measurements of reservoir pressure and minimum horizontal stress have been carried out according to the results of stress tests, core sampling and research to determine petrophysical and mechanical properties. The analysis of the obtained information revealed the features of the stress state along the section and reservoir area, which were taken into account in the design of hydraulic fracturing. Geomechanical modeling was carried out in a uniform work procedure, which made it possible to unify the result, improve the quality of calculations and forecast parameters for horizontal wells.

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