The main aim of the work is to find method to estimation flow connectivity without model simulator. The relations between flow connectivity and various reservoir geometry parameters were studied. Average number of reservoir intervals, intermittence, and reservoir boundary density parameter are not directly related with flow connectivity. Cluster proportion and net to gross ratio can be used with limitations for flow connectivity estimation when stochastic heterogeneity is low. The best estimation can be done by using neighbor reservoir parameter which correlation coefficient with flow connectivity is 0.99 and regression parameters are independent of reservoir modelling method and its options (variogramm range, nugget, net to gross ratio, object shape etc.). New method of flow connectivity coefficient estimation allows making local connectivity estimation and maps this parameter in order to evaluate potential flow rates of different regions of reservoir. Also flow connectivity should be used to rank realizations of lithology or net to gross properties in geological models in uncertainty analysis as a parameter which reflects production properties of reservoir.

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