Today, significant reserves of PJSC TATNEFT are concentrated in the filled-up terrigenous deposits. A feature of these objects is a high zonal heterogeneity, dissection, degraded filtration-capacitive properties, small thickness (no more than 3-4 meters). Effective development of reserves from these facilities is not possible without the use of high-tech methods of stimulation, primarily drilling of horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (MSHF).

The aim of the work was the search and adaptation of new solutions, among which was the MSHF using "Plug & Perf" technology. The advantages of this technology is that the whole process is performed exclusively using a logging lot and a hydraulic fracturing fleet, which significantly speeds up the process and allows you to work without additional tripping.

This technology allowed the maximum acceleration of multiple fracturing and minimum damaging of the bottomhole zone during the formation davelopment. During the development, the planned values of the flow rate of the fluid were achieved, which made it possible to introduce a small-sized installation into the well. For the further development of the direction of multiple hydraulic fracturing in horizontal wells, development objects and technological solutions have been identified. The experience of using this technology will allow the low-permeability and clayey thin reservoirs to be actively involved in active development, at the same time increasing the efficiency and speed of work on the multi-stage hydraulic fracturing.

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