Well spacing optimization is very important at the stage of drilling the reservoir. It is critical for the whole project economics. After the reservoir is already drilled it is very important to understand does existing wells drain all the reserves of infill drilling requires to improve recovery. Such task was solved on a tested area - Western part of Karachaganak gas condensate field. It has a complex geology, built as a massive heterogeneous carbonate reef of a Carboniferous age. PVT properties of the reservoir fluid significantly varies with depth. The area is produced with horizontal wells to maximize contact with the reservoir.

The Multi-well Retrospective Testing (MRT) on base of multi-well deconvolution of historical rate and bottom-hole revealed well drainage area and well interference (1 – Aslanyan, 2018; 2 – Aslanyan 2017, 3 – Aslanyan 2019). The MRT study is showing a strong pressure depletion trend and a fair connection between wells in the certain areas like core of western build up.

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