This work presents the development of method that allows to discover undeveloped reservoirs on the mature fields. The method was tested on the field located on south side of the West-Kuban trough – the Abino-Ukrainskoe field. This field is characterized by complex geology and final stage of development.

The existing geological model of the field is much-simplified what makes it impossible to solve the problem of localization remaining reserves and planning of well interventions.

The proposed approach is a sequence of actions that is of a general nature, and includes a number of detailed studies based on three types of input information: logging data, core and seismic data.

In the course of the work, the geometrization of the developed highly productive objects (HPO), which are related to the Miocene complex, was done and the promising areas of the HPO were predicted.

Also, the work revises the geological structure of the field and demonstrates the prospects of the Eocene deposits of sediments.

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