One of the most effective oil production stimulation techniques in low permeability and heterogeneous reservoirs is multistage hydraulic fracturing. The multistage hydraulic fracturing technique has multiple engineering solutions dependent on the specifics of a particular target and its performance parameters. Hydraulic fracturing in a horizontal well involves a risk of communications with over- and underlying water-bearing formations via the fractures developing as a result of the hydraulic fracturing job. As a consequence, water cut in the well increases, negatively affecting the overall well performance. Another cause of a higher water cut could be a leak in the downhole completion.

To identify water sources in horizontal wells, modern logging techniques are applied. To enhance the informative value of a standard logging suite focused on inflow profile evaluation and integrity assessment in a multistage hydraulic fracturing well, SNL locator and acoustic flowmeter were added.

This paper discusses some cases of locating water sources in horizontal producers using new well logging and interpretation techniques. The information obtained as a result of well investigation was used to detect the water source and assess the multistage hydraulic fracturing job effectiveness. It was also recommended to perform workovers for the purpose of shutting off the water-producing zones.

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