The current improvement of temperature logging informative value in horizontal wells is considered in the article. Examples of production logging in wells with multistage hydraulic fracturing (multi-fracs) and the features of their interpretation are given. The role of temperature logging in the modern complex of production logging gages is considered. The advantages and limitations in the applicability of the methods of classical temperature logging are distinguished, the possibilities of long-term temperature monitoring using the fiber-optic sensor system distributed along the well are considered.

Aim of the present work is to show new findings in the theory of thermal flowmeter on base of fiber-optic data for evaluating the inflow intervals and determining the fluid flow velocity in the horizontal well bores.

The authors proposed a new method of field production monitoring, based on the use of a fiber-optic distributed measuring system as a thermal flowmeter, that is heating a fiber optic cable certain section in order to get from it characteristic of temperature relaxation during its cooling. A mathematical model is developed that justifies the efficiency of the solution and a plan for experimental confirmation of the theory with mathematical calculations is drawn up.

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