The effectiveness of reserves and resources management depends on the full performance about resource base of the Company, its development history, current status and future prospects. Existing methods of data evaluation and analytics are not interconnected between each other and provided in the different systems by the various specialist's background.

The volume of information is increasing yearly despite production conditions are getting complicated. Extremal climate conditions, remote territories, unconventional reserves are usual circumstances of actual oil and gas industry. The only method to save the cost production level is enhancing business process efficiency.

Historically the Oil and Gas industry has a huge risk of failure – dry well or incorrect development plan may lead to great losses and jeopardize company's sustainability. For the very reason it is very important to increase effectiveness and rationality of the Resource base Management using disparate data source.

In response to the complex needs of the oil and gas industry, it became necessary to use a single software solution for strategic decision making based on resource base analysis. Russian and foreign markets analysis showed the lack of software that is fully complies with the business needs. This fact encourage Gazprom Neft to develop its own IT solution for managing the company's reserves and resources: "Constantly operating reserves and resources model (PDMZiR)". This is a unique tool that aggregate huge amount of information from different data sources and modern technics for Resource base Management in one platform. PDMZiR can significantly increase the quality of resource base estimations for any Oil and Gas company, improve assets potential, identify and prevent any significant risk, justify recommendations for field development.

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