In this paper, the process of developing an improved design of slotted liner, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of running into extended-reach wells is considered. The options of running a liner with the filter through the power sub or swivel are discussed. Each option of running is estimated and the optimal method is selected. A scenario is proposed with changing the filter part of the assembly to optimize the strength and dynamic characteristics during well completion and subsequent field operation. Existing models of filters are considered, their shortcomings are discovered and, on this basis, a digital filter prototype is proposed.

A filter assembly with guiding turbulators, their number and arrangement are proposed. The prototype is designed and printed on a 3D-printer.

The calculations result of the friction moment during its running are presented. The criteria for installing guiding turbulators on a filter are established, which prevents the filter body to deflect from its own weight and contact with the borehole wall.

Technical and economic indicators are calculated, which show the attractivity of the project in several criteria (blocks).

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