This paper describes succesfull experience of implement hydraulic fracturing at unconsolidated low-temperature formation in Yamal region in Russia. Experience of hydraulic fracturing as known as well stimulation method for deep-water deposits of West-Siberian oil an gas basin. Hydraulic fracturing at terrestrial deposits, which is Vostochno-Messoyakhskoye field, are not used in general practice. There are few reasons for that: shallow depth (about 800m), incompetent rock, gas-cap and oil-water contact have to limit fracture height, low formation temperature (16°C) doesn't available to use traditional oxidezing breakers and resin-coated proppants. But the other hand high viscosity of oil (111CP) promotes to using hydraulic fracturing for increasing coverage ratio at exploration of high-stratified formation. All these points are signing that classic hydraulic fracturing techniqes are not applicable for this facility.

The basic development technology is the drilling of horizontal wells with a length of 1000m, equipped uncased liners with filters (both premium and perforated pipes). However, as the first results of drilling and development of wells of full-scale development showed the extraction of reserves located in a highly divided reservoir is a laborious process and requires the attraction of new technologies of drilling, completion and production stimulation.

There was developed pilot project of implement hydraulic fracturing technology to directional wells for subsequent replication to horizontal wells using specialized completion systems. This article describes the implemented program of pilot work on directional wells and a set of accompanying surveys, also provides conclusions and plans for further replication to horizontal wells with the transition to multi-stage fracturing technology.

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