One of the most important challenges of the current stage of the field development is selection of concept of infrastructure system development and solution of classical problem of optimization:

  • Minimization of capital expenditures for infrastructure development,

  • Minimization of cost of production, treatment and intra-field transportation of the raw material to the LNG plant,

  • Ensuring of high reliability of the entire infrastructure system for continuous flow of raw material to the LNG plant trains.

  • Reaching of the field performance targets, namely:

  • - Duration of the period of continuous gas production

  • - Hydrocarbons recovery factors

Besides, in designing of the infrastructure system and accordingly, in selection of the solution, it is necessary to take into account the following factors representing complexity of the future industrial activity in general:

  • Geographical location of the field in the area with challenging climatic (arctic) conditions which calls for the necessity of maintaining of high level of self-sustainability in the field;

  • Considerable differences in values of formation and accordingly, wellhead pressures of the production wells stock;

Taking an optimal decision in part of concept of infrastructure development in these challenging conditions is possible only on the basis of the complex integrated digital model "Well - Reservoir - Gathering network - Treatment system" allowing for correct evaluation of engineering parameters of field development with account for the effect of existing limitations related to reservoir, well design, downhole equipment, gathering system and production treatment.

Solving of this problem using the up-to-date modeling technologies accounting for mutual effect of all elements of the system on the basis of multi-disciplinary teams includes the following:

  • Generation of the integrated models "Reservoir - Wells - Gathering system - Treatment system - In-field transport system to the LNG Plant Inlet",

  • Separation of individual types of process design calculations for analysis with consequent incorporation into the integrated model,

  • Carrying out of multi-option calculations of engineering parameters of development and infrastructure,

  • Assessment of the results of calculations of engineering parameters of options by specialists of the multi-disciplinary team,

  • Economic assessment of costs of implementation of the studied options.

Using the above mentioned approach with involvement of the integrated field model, multi-option calculations of location and parameters of production treatment facilities and dynamic calculations of flow lines operation parameters for various scenarios of the LNG plant were performed.

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