The development of dynamic geomechanical model (including the effect of permeability change caused by stress state alteration) is presented in the paper. The aim of the research is the analysis of conductivity decrease acting on the cumulative production. For the purpose of modeling of reservoir pressure decreasing during field development, the special core analysis method based on the key structural features of the rocks, including the void space has been carried out. Laboratory studies have shown the changes in the morphology and spatial distribution of microcracks after the experiment and the increase in the void space as a whole. In the low permeability samples the decrease in filtration properties is more considerable than in the high permeability ones. It can be explained by the genesis of new microcracks in originally solid crystalline rocks. An application module for combined hydrodynamic and geomechanical modeling was developed based on the introduced mathematical model. The interpreted results of laboratory experiments were integrated in the module. As a result, the existing hydrodynamic models were modified taking into account the alteration of permeability caused by stress field dynamic. The analysis of permeability change altering the cumulative production was carries out.

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