An analysis of modern completions processes shows the necessity of a numerical three-dimensional modeling of dynamic processes occurring during the completion installation into the well. An actual task is to develop high-quality software package takes into account all the interests of the customer, such as risk not reaching the target depth, buckling, and adapted for the end user.

This manuscript describes the mathematical model used in specialized software environment for modeling the running of completion, liners, casing, drillstring, multistage fracturing and other downhole equipment. The mathematical apparatus included into the software, describes the following calculations: hook load during running and pulling out, buckling analysis, taking into account stiffness of the liner, the stress distribution in the column, the geometric fitting of the elements of completion, completion running with rotation and with "floating" method.

The presented solution is able to predict potential problems during the completion running into the well and can reduce the risks and optimize the installation process.

The software is also a good tool for peer reviews to optimize the characteristics of pipes, etc. used in the well completion.

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