The increase of oil production in Russia at present time and in nearest future is connected with commissioning of the largest oil fields with contact deposits. Oil and gas companies are primarily carrying out development of such deposits with the use of a system of horizontal wells. Horizontal wells let increase contact area of a reservoir with a well, and also increase production rates, as well as increase oil recovery factor (ORF) in the whole field. In some cases, the pre-emptive use of horizontal wells is due not only to technological reasons, but also to the economic ones (off-shore projects, remote locations). Despite significant development of drilling technologies (currently it is possible to drill wells with large step out and the sinking of a large reservoir), there is still quite a wide range of issues related to the construction and completion of horizontal wells. These issues include control of sand production, using of casing packers in layouts, as well as the selection and proper use of flow control units for development of fields with contact deposits, and choice of systems for monitoring of work of horizontal wells.

This article describes a procedure and subsequent justification of the choice of a well completion system for increasing efficiency of contact deposit output on the example of Van-Yoganskoe oilfield.

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