Drilling optimization and drilling time reduction is a challenging and crucial task for many operators and service providers.

This paper describes how multidiscipline team of drilling contractor and service provider have maximized drilling performance and significantly reduced drilling time in the Valanginian horizontal wells at the Samburgskoye field in the northern part of Western Siberia by adopting a new technology and employing engineered drilling system (EDS) approach.

Commercial hydrocarbon production in the Samburgskoye field started in April 2012 by putting two gas treatment trains into operation. A launch of the third train was rescheduled from 2015 to the 2014 to accelerate field production. Updated drilling plan required to drill long sidetrack horizontals on oilfield from small rigs with limited capabilities where use of a conventional rotary steerable technology was restrained. New generation of rotary steerable technology and drill bits that specially designed for the specific technology and application were used to achieve objectives for drilling campaign. Drilling fluid properties were optimized to fit the desired equivalent circulation density and for formation damage control.

The latest development of a motorized push-the-bit rotary steerable system (RSS) enabled the drilling contractor to achieve more than 1300 m of meterage drilled in a 50-hour period on a sidetrack well – longest horizontal sidetrack on the oilfield. Use of the custom-designed engineered drilling system based on the recently developed RSS increased efficiency and resulted in significant monetary savings by reducing well construction time by an average of 25 days. Results for daily meterage showed increase by 300% and mechanical speed by 400% comparing to average results achieved previously on oilfield with conventional bottom hole assemblies. Implementation of the EDS approach led to unique results enabling use of new technologies on variety of rigs where it was not possible to explore the benefits of RSS technology before and drill to planned total depth in harsh drilling environment with high levels of downhole torsional vibrations.

This paper will describe how multidisciplinary well design and construction team addressed challenges in drilling of Valaginian horizontal wells in the Samburg field, North of Western Siberia. Achieved results of new approach for complex technical projects will be presented and other distinctive features of recently developed RSS systems will be described.

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