This paper considers the output mode wells equipped with electric centrifugal pump units (ECPU). The inference process is a complex task in unsteady hydrodynamic work, as most of the well and the reservoir. Process occurring in the reservoir in the derivation of ECPU mode, described by the differential diffusion equation. In this paper, to solve this equation for small times a mathematical model of hydrodynamic processes occurring in the well in the derivation mode. The resulting model accounts teamwork bottomhole formation zone, the well and pump.

Theoretical dependence of the decline curve in the well was compared with practical ones obtained at the well number 16 of West-Shirochenskoe field of JSC "Samaraneftegaz." It has been found good agreement between the theoretical and practical curves. The resulting mathematical model was used to determine reservoir parameters (permeability, diffusivity coefficient, skin factor) for several wells of JSC "Samaraneftegaz." Next to this model is planned for full forecast output process well in the regime, i.e. determining the value of the maximum reduction value of dynamic level and time of its occurrence.

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