Bashneft Oil Company has rich drilling history. First well in Bashkiria was drilled in Ishimbaiskoe oil field in 1932, the oil flow rate was 20 ton/day. Thereby oil exploration in Bashkiria commenced. Petroleum refinery was founded in Ishimbay city in 1935. The same year Bashneft oil company was founded. Initially the company composed of Ishimbayskoe oil field, logging and exploration facilities. 90 % of total oil production in west part of Soviet Union has been produced on Bashneft in 1939. Cumulative oil production was more than 15 million tons in 1955, Bashneft was the first company in USSR by cumulative oil flow rate per year.

Unsuccessful attempts of horizontal and multilateral well drilling were initiated in the beginning of 20 century in USA. However first multilateral well was completed in Ishimbaiskoe oil field under the guidance of Alexander Grigoryan in 1953. The well had of 9 boreholes, total effective length was 322 meters and initial oil flow rate was about 200 ton/day.

The oil cumulative production peak of 47 million tons was reached in 1967. One billion tons had been produced in Bashneft by 1980. Significant amounts of oil production were huge amounts of new drilling as green fields in region were discovered. In 1935 Bashneft had 19 wells, in 1970 were 7050. In 1980 total number of production wells in Bashneft was about 14 000. Large deposits were drilled the Soviet period. The last decade of the XX century drilling came mainly in new fields, small in size and reserves, as well as at during the main large fields of Bashkortostan. New reserves in old fields discovered due to detailed 3D seismic survey and processing of well data archives.

During period of 2008 – 2013 new well drilling decreased. 220 new wells were drilled in 2008 and 35 new wells were drilled in 2012. Average oil flow rate of new wells increased many times this period (figure 1).

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