The ventricular formation structure, hydrodynamic isolation interlayers, low porosity do not allow to develop the field by traditional methods. Creating of new field development, methods requires a lot of analytical work, a comprehensive laboratory analysis and mathematical modeling, taking into account features of the Achimov deposits.

In this paper the of complex experimental research results on cores of Achimov deposits for anisotropic porous media is given and theoretical model is described for correct interpretation of the results. Due to new laboratory technique, authors showed that Achimov deposit characterized by anisotropy of reservoir properties

Laboratory measurements were made with using four specially oriented samples which was cut from full-size core of standard size. Two samples were oriented in the direction of the stratification along the principal directions of the coefficients of permeability tensor one - perpendicular to bedding, and another - at an angle of 45 degree to the bedding plane. The last fourth core was a control sample. It was used for testing of theoretical model and proof of tensor nature of mathematical objects for describing of real anisotropic deposit. In addition this fourth core was used for evaluation of the measurement error.

The experiment showed that the layers deposits Asimov have pronounced anisotropy. In addition to porosity, absolute permeability there were also constructed distribution function of pore radius and capillary curves. The experimental results have allowed defining the characteristic linear dimensions of capillaries (effective diameter), luminal values. Measurements on the fourth sample showed that the permeability characteristic linear dimensions of capillaries, luminal, capillary pressure jumps define by the symmetric tensor of the second rank.

The experimental results were processed using theoretically derived formulas. Established a good agreement between theoretical and experimental results that allows us to recommend for engineering calculations, as proposed formula and co to conduct laboratory methods of reservoir properties investigation for anisotropic reservoirs having orthotropic filtration properties, including the definition of the functions of relative permeability, limiting pressure gradients nonlinear filtration laws, etc.

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