The article is considering a new engineering method for creating PVT-models of natural gas condensate mixtures. The method is based on the reproducing of the results of field measurements and basic laboratory studies of representative samples in thermodynamic modeling using equation of state.

The procedure of equation of state parameters consequent setting was developed. It can be performed without regression analysis, which is traditionally used in the PVT simulators (Eclipse PVTi, Roxar PVTx, PVT-VIP, PVTsim etc.). As a result, the created PVT-model precisely reproduces the key properties:

  • initial condensate content in the reservoir gas;

  • z-factor of the reservoir gas;

  • gas-oil ratio of gas condensate studies;

  • density of stable condensate;

  • dew point pressure;

  • results of constant volume depletion (CVD) test.

PVT-models created on the base of the proposed method, provide reliable information on the properties of a reservoir fluid in development of flow simulation both using a reservoir simulation compositional models and using pseudo models "black oil" with "wet gas".

The method is illustrated by the example of creation of the adequate PVT-models of various regions of Russia reservoir condensate field's mixtures.

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