The scope of this paper is to present the analysis and use of permanent real-time monitored data from ultrahigh-temperature, steam-assisted, gravity-drainage (SAGD) wells with the objective of achieving steam control. Multiple applications from live wells will be presented to illustrate the value of permanent reservoir monitoring in the circulation and SAGD production cycles. Case studies will be presented from SAGD wells where actual real-time data enabled active management of critical processes. The introduction of multipoint systems based on high-density fiber Bragg grating (FBG) has made real-time permanent monitoring possible.

High-temperature thermal monitoring systems based on FBG array technology have been successfully introduced for monitoring SAGD wells. These systems offer a practical means to increase the number of sensing points for better spatial characterization of the well than with other sensor solutions and with a step-improvement in reliability. These advantages tend to overshadow another key performance aspect of these systems: delivering improved data quality in terms of absolute accuracy and resolution, with a sub-Hz processing rate to deliver data in real time. Greater thermal visualization enabled by this technology is observed in analysis of field data that verifies the expected SAGD operations. Field data from operating SAGD wells will be presented to show the improved thermal imaging of the wellbore that these systems provide.

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