In developing the Upper Jurassic deposits of Western Siberia (Nizhnevartovsk and Surgut arches) are widely used hydraulic fracturing and horizontal wells, however, conclusions about the effectiveness of these two technologies are ambiguous. The purpose of this paper is to compare the effectiveness of vertical wells with hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. To fulfill the tasks were carried out hydrodynamic, statistical and economic calculations. Our studies demonstrated that the use of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling conditions for Upper Jurassic layers can improve economic development indicators, as well as to increase the oil recovery period for the cost-effective development. The economic efficiency of drilling horizontal wells is much higher compared to the use of hydraulic fracturing to vertical wells, in particular for water zones. The results and the approach can be used in the design and justification of systems development in various productive oil reservoirs. Thus, the design of the development is necessary to provide the use of regular grids using horizontal wells.

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