Showing the description of the authors’ project – the system, criteria and indicators or the evaluation and efficiency of environmental services at the enterprises of Gasprom. Efficiency of environmental services is proposed to estimate the use of integrated indicators that gives an account of different aspects of enterprises of gas branches that developes an approach that allows to compare the effeciency of objects and different scale, levels (from subsidiaries to individual units) and regional affiliation. The base of the research are the data about the environmental impacts of the Gasprom enterprises, review of the main directions of the environmental policy of the enterprises, information about the structure of their financial reporting. The development of the system of indicators are used on normative documents on organisation of the environmental services of the enterprises and of the environmental management systems. The selection of the initial data is based on the activity of environmental services and their activity (specified) area.


The results are used in the praxis of environmental management of the Gasprom enterprises for the comparative evaluation and optimization of the activities of environmental services and for the adjustment of the environmental policy.

Results, conclusions

The outcome of this study, lead to the development of our R Gazprom 081-2010 "The evaluation criteria and performance indicators for environmental services subsidiaries of OAO" Gazprom "." The guide is based on a quantitative assessment of the characteristics of the activities of environmental services. Objective and comprehensive assessment is provided by the analysis of qualitative and quantitative indicators using the specially developed technique. Calculation of indicators is based on a common methodology, regardless of the activity profile and position in the hierarchical structure of the company - it provides comparability of results. Using established indicators that are expected, particularly for corporate environmental services competitions at various levels.

Technical input

The obtained results:

  • Characterized by a high degree of objectivity of ratings in connection with the multisectoral assessments;

  • Represent a successful combination of quantitative and qualitative assessments on a common basis through a dedicated system of quantification of qualitative data;

  • Allow to evaluate objects at different hierarchical levels of management and ensure comparability of data for them.

The Russian Gasprom has been established for more than 20 years as a result of his great establishment in the Gas sector and leader which implements the environmental management systems. In 1994 it was awarded as one of the first in Russia standard "Regulations on environmental management" [1], and now is elaborated and applies the third edition of this document [2]. In general, the environmental management system of JSC "Gazprom" is now one of the most developed in the Russian corporate management systems, integrating a variety of areas related to environmental security and maintaining sustainable development of the company.

The activity of the environment protection departments, considered in this case as an integral part of the environmental management system. The company operates on his guidelines of the organization of the environmental services and a wide instruction of relevant directions of its activities. The implementation and maintenance of environmental management system evaluate the environmental services themself. This was the reason to create a specialized handbook devoted to the evaluation criteria and performance indicators for environmental services of the daughter-enterprises and organizations of the JSC Gazprom [3], the development of which the authors of this article participated directly.

Concern includes subsidiaries, companies mainly the following areas: mining, transport and service. The hierarchical structure of the company, for the purposes of environmental services at different levels which can be distinguished with its own specific goal for the unity of the entire company (providing the environmental security of the company as a whole).

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