The paper covers the distinctive features of thermogas stimulation for Bazhenov formation, gives data resulted from the experimental work performed at Sredne-Nazym field of OJSC "RITEK"

At present structural deterioration of reserves is in progress due to the increased share of heavy-to-recover and unconventional hydrocarbons in the total structure of the Russian raw-material base.

Most of unconventional hydrocarbon resources of Russia are found in Bazhenov oil source rocks (further on referred to as BS).

The urgency of BS effective development is necessitated by the fact that now the land of Russia stores nonessential quantity of actual reserves. While, nonconventional reserves are estimated at over 1 trillion tons, and a potential increase of recoverable reserves greatly exceeds local current recoverable reserves. Virtually, all non-conventional reserves are spread through the regions with developed infrastructure making it possible to cut the period for field tests and commercial application of new engineering decisions to involve into effective development the BS deposits being a form of the giant world shale hydrocarbon resources. According to foreign and local experts the potential of BS recoverable oil reserves amounts to minimum 30-40 bln. tons, and that is multiply higher than a possible increase of oil reserves owing to exploration of new Eastern Siberia and Arctic fields. To develop BS deposits the technical and technological complex to increase oil recovery based on integration of thermal and gas methods is under designing.

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