When designing a development system for a multilayer oilfield it is important to design related engineering solutions, including simultaneous commissioning of multiple overlapping targets taking into account the drilling sequence of well pads with wells in different formations depending on the degree of knowledge and quality of reserves.

A case study of the X Field demonstrates an approach to the design of full-scale development, which is based on the ranking of priority well pad drilling by a complex indicator that takes into account the state of knowledge of drilled areas of each reservoir, the volume of hard-to recover reserves (contact zones, zones of low reserves density, reservoirs with high-viscosity fluid), the number of laterally overlapping reservoirs and maximum recovery of wells pads for 5 years of operation.

The value of the work is a more reliable determination of the field drilling sequence according to the rating from the well pads characterized by a high degree of knowledge and best quality reserves with low knowledge and reserves in high-risk areas.

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