Each year, the market offers new technologies and approaches, which, provided they are properly introduced, can make a positive contribution to business development of oil companies in depleting brownfields and greenfields with complicated conditions. Production increments supported with conventional technologies have been on decline from year to year.

This work offers approaches to managing the process of searching, introducing, and monitoring optimum technologies providing for economically feasible access to reserves, oil recovery enhancement, and cost reduction, which can be used by oil and gas companies to improve their performance.

In view of current and future field problems, the following technological priorities have been defined: oil recovery enhancement techniques, effective drilling, seismic surveys, water flooding, etc.

Key instruments of technology strategy implementation include methodology, process regulations, and information systems for assessing efficiency of decisions taken.

In order to develop the innovational culture, it would be desirable to hold regularly regional and corporate Technology Forums, develop knowledge bases that would ensure exchange of experience and development of personnel competencies.

To evaluate pilot project results, information systems should be introduced, which would provide for monthly monitoring of pilot project performance evaluation criteria.

If a technology is successfully tested in the course of the pilot project, broad-scale scaling-up of this technology is started. It implies updating the technology scaling-up potential, general forecast of economic results, and scaling-up program monitoring during the year.

Risk mitigation and success of the new technologies program depend on managing the initiation, monitoring, and personnel motivation process.

Introduction of proposed methodologies, processes, criteria, and information systems for prompt evaluation of pilot project results during wellwork operations helps take timely and high-quality management decisions in the course of implementing the new technologies program, which is important for companies holding a balanced portfolio of oil brownfields and greenfields, gas fields, and fields with unconventional hydrocarbon reserves.

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