The basic method for oil-saturated, low permeability, anisotropic reservoir is hydraulic fracturing. Currently, the technology of a multi-stage fracturing in horizontal wells (hereinafter - the Multifractured HW) is rapidly developing, allowing the creation of several fracs in several areas of the horizontal well within the one workover.

In this paper the sequence of actions designed to calculate the targets of development with the Multifractured HW and for comparison with grids of vertical fractured wells. The main problem of calculating the field development plan with the system of the Multifractured HW on full field simulation model is the lack of reference to both the input flow rates of wells, and the dynamics of decline. To set up a simplified representation of such wells in the full simulation model the detailed sector model was created for different types of completions:

  • Multifractured HW

  • Fractured vertical well

The sector simulation was run for different reservoir properties, and the dependence of the flow rates ratio in the pseudo-steady state flow was calculated.

The paper presents the results of Multifractured HW drilling, comparison of design and actual performance, the lessons learned.

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