The Vankor Field is being developed as network of horizontal production wells, with lateral filter length of not less than 1,000 m. The completion systems options include Equalizer™(Schlumberge), ResFlow (Baker Hughes) systems as well as various designs of slotted and screen filters made by Russian manufacturers.

With the purpose of achieving planned oil production capacities and oil recovery factors, it is critically important to save formation reservoir properties and prevent clogging of bottomhole formation zone.

For this purpose we analyzed the market of technologies used to eliminate contact of killing fluid with bottomhole formation zone during intervention and workover operations, and selected bottomhole shut-off valves for the Vankor Field conditions.

The main challenge of shut-off valves design selection is the functional possibility of conducting geophysical surveys using coiled tubing in lateral hole below packer set interval without prior retrieval of the packer.

By the time of selection, the Halliburton serial shut-off valves completely complied with these conditions but the implementation process was complicated by problems related to setting of shut-off valve in the G-6 packer seat due to complex wellbore profiles and deviation angles up to 90 degrees.

This publication describes the result achieved by joint operations of ZAO Vankorneft Oil and Gas Production Department specialists and Halliburton design engineers, which enabled us to successfully apply shut-off valves in the Vankor field wells.

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