For the first time in horizons of Tumenskoe formations of Em-Egovskoe oilfield in Krasnoleninsky play of Western Siberia to achieve the maximum wellbore contact with heterogeneous multilayered formations the technology of multistage fracturing in horizontal well was used. It was a three staged fracturing job with use of coiled tubing to prepare well in between stages followed by well kick off and production start up.

Paper describes the experience of challenges overcoming during the different stages of horizontal well architecture, principles of equipment selection and fracturing design. This particular work was in 2010 and originated the first brief into the time of multifracturing horizontal wells of Tumenskoe formations in Em-Egovskoe field, Western Siberia. Multistage fracturing in horizontally drilled well is one of the effective technological solutions for Tumenskoe formations in Em-Egovskoe field. Remoteness and not yet confident knowledge of pay zones at current stage of described field wittingly made the preconditions for selecting the cost effective well design to suit the productivity of the well. That pilot multistage fracturing project presented itself as practical and reliable method to stimulate the production in horizontal well in Tumenskoe formations of Em-Egovskoe field Krasnoleninsky play. With more experience in further use of this technology will allow keeping this drilling and completion method as economically effective in field of this subject. This paper showed the problems occurred during the well drilling stage those also some affect on the followed completion and fracturing operations. Technological solutions have been offered based on study in this paper for future wells. As result of the analysis and gained experience the recommendations are made to ease the construction of well as for example to use the liner wellbore design. A number of recommendations are made for fracturing and coiled tubing design, preparation, equipment availability and technological processes.

Presented work preforms the hot topic of glimmering entry into massive multistage fracturing in formations of Bazhen-Abalak and Tumenskoe horizons in Western Siberia. The specifics of drilling and completion in horizontal wells are brought out based on described in paper geological conditions. Some trends and backgrounds were determined in study to achieve better efficiency in fracturing and coiled tubing operations for targeted formations.

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