This paper presents the results and the concept of increasing the efficiency of recovering remaining strongly watered hard-to-recover oil reserves based on the example of developing Upper Jurassic reservoirs of a typical field of TNK-BP in Western Siberia, Russia, that has entered the final stage of development. In particular, the paper describes the positive outcome of implementing such technologies as hydraulic fracturing at extremely watered wells, forced liquid withdrawal coupled with targeted focal waterflooding supplemented by flow diverting technologies in injection wells and water shutdown in producers, optimization of perforation intervals, with sidetracks targeting blind unrecovered zones.

The work is different from previous projects in provisioning a comprehensive integrated flow production and injection regulation with low-cost technologies with an emphasis on reducing injection costs and producing liquids to the surface to optimize cash flows. As a result, the accepted recovery concept is described, which provides increased energy efficiency and production profitability, together with targeted production of remaining oil reserves.

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