The Permian-carboniferous reservoir of the Usinsk oil field is the largest one in the Northern European part of Russia considering the amount of original oil-in-place. Since live oil due its high content of asphaltic-resinous components has a very high viscosity (approximately 710.0 mPa*s) beginning from 1982 in several parts of the reservoir, different modifications of thermal enhanced oil recovery techniques (hot water and steam flooding, cyclic steam stimulations of producing wells) have been introduced. In recent years, in order to improve the efficiency of thermal technologies, their combinations with chemical agents are being tested, particularly, with the non-organic gel-forming compositions "GALKA" that increase the sweep efficiency of steam injection, and with the oil-displacing compositions "NINKA" that provide the additional oil displacement.

This article is dedicated to the discussion of the experience of the thermal oil recovery gained in the Permian-carboniferous reservoir of the Usinsk oil field during the last thirty years.

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