Analysis of field performance is a critical step in improving the production efficiency and optimizing the cost of operations. However, existing methodologies of analysis have limitations, particularly in the size of the analysis set and the inability to compare different types of assets. The new methodology was designed to overcome these limitations.

This paper explains the methodology of field performance assessment and shares some high-level results of the analysis. Operational performance is compared with results within a peer group. It allows the operator to obtain insightful information on how to improve the efficiency and reliability of production operations. The methodology is characterized by high quality performance indicators – the large amounts of data were collected from the operators and public sources, including cost, production, and technical field data. The detailed analysis is conducted for 12 standard operating cost classifications across seven oil and two gas peer groups, based on similar geological and operational characteristics. The methodology focuses on operations cost performance, production efficiency and production reliability performance, efficiency and cost driver analysis, and gives a suggested action plan. The paper also demonstrates how the results may be utilized to improve efforts by operators in the environment of mature oil fields with declining production levels.

The described methodology was applied to an analysis of the Permian Basin, which contains a large number of maturing oil fields. The study assessed 90 fields, including 35 waterfloods, 20 primary, 15 tertiary, and 20 gas fields for the period of mid-year 2010 to mid-year 2011. Trends and correlations between production efficiency and cost driver factors were found. This led to the issuing of recommendations to the producers.

The proposed methodology can be applied to an analysis of the operations performance of mature oilfields in Russia, which will result in low operating costs and higher production volumes.

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