Operators and service companies are considering alternative methods to remedy shortage of qualified and experienced staff to manage increasing activity and complexity. TNK-BP's approach has been creation of Drilling Support Center (DSC) as part of upstream peer review and technology center in Tyumen. The Company has eleven subsidiaries spread across Russia, and operations are managed by 6 regional drilling teams. DSC is centrally located to ensure geographical coverage of both eastern and western regions, with a mission to improve drilling performance, as well as support new technology implementation.

Main drivers for creating DSC were:

  • Increasing complexity of wells and wide geographical spread,

  • Limited drilling personnel with experience and expertise,

  • Commencing international operations requiring central support,

The center currently provides support in three main directions; firstly, monitoring complex and critical operations using realtime link from rigs by experienced staff with relevant expertise, including regular contact with operations teams to provide proactive feedback. Second direction is engineering support to well planning and new technology implementation by experienced specialists in directional drilling, cementing, drilling fluids, completions and drillbits. Third direction is Geosteering support of horizontal wells including real-time update of sector models. The center is active over a year now and subsidiaries regularly contact DSC for critical operations review.

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