So called “classic” type reserve (reserves are developing by traditional ways - by using regular waterflooding patterns and without huge quality of reservoir stimulation or enhance oil recovery actions) depletion throw down a challenge to oil production companies including in production “tight reservoirs”. “Tight reservoirs” is the term commonly used to refer to reservoirs contents in heterogeneous of permeability deposit (with alternation of it), are contented water in cross section, with gas cap etc., and however, liberal share of it is a low permeability reservoir. This type of reservoirs recovery require from oil production companies apply additional, often not standard and as a rule expensive decisions for achievement profit oil recovery factor. In this article review so type reservoirs development strategies is made by the example of Mayskoe oil field (Tomsk region). For Imperial Energy Company this task is very actual because half of all reserves in Company are tight reservoirs with permeability near 1 mD, this factor explains interest of it in developing this type of reserves.

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