The deposition of inorganic substances that accumulate in the Electric Submersible Pumps (ESP′s), tubing, and piping systems, equipment for the collection of oil is a significant complicating factor in oil production. The practical results of scale management was shows that the cost of prevention scale deposition is ten times less than the financial cost to remedy the effects of scaling.

This paper presents the main provisions of the technical and economic management strategy scaling in the West Siberian oil fields Rosneft, are the criteria for selecting technologies to prevent scaling, implemented in the form of matrices and patterns, as applicable, developed an integrated approach based on the identification of “bottlenecks” in the full cycle of oil production: from the producing formation to the processes of the oil. Depending on the degree of salt saturation of formation water, oil sold technology, offers a range of technologies to combat scaling - from simple, traditional methods of protection to more complex integrated treatments. It is shown that the implementation of such an approach leads to a significant reduction in costs due to the problem of scaling.

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