Today for oil industry can be characterized as “the time of problems”, and not in terms of the global financial crisis and slump in oil prices but in terms of equipment age. The issue of outdated equipment stock is acute for Russia and the whole world as well. What should be done with it and how should it be used safely? How should technogenic disasters and accidents be avoided? What is the way to do it effectively so as to be sure that facilities are safe and thus do not endanger lives of people and do not entail severe financial losses?

Oil companies, carrying out equipment maintenance, believe that all problems are solved; however, actual state of play proves it not true.

To settle the said issues a common approach has been developed, which is aimed at ensuring of safety of industrial facilities and, simultaneously, at optimization of preparation, planning and performance of work for equipment maintenance. This approach is based on clear understanding of risks related to each particular equipment type, establishment of equipment performance/integrity criteria and implementation of the systems for monitoring of compliance with these criteria, which also influences equipment integrity.

Implementation of the new process of preparation, planning and performance of work enables to ensure equipment reliability and integrity due to the possibility of timely performance of more critical maintenance work as well as enables to improve efficiency and reduce expenditures on this kind of work.

The author of this work shares his experience and explains the need for integration of HSE systems and processes, maintenance and personnel development processes, in order to assure equipment integrity and safety of operations.

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