The practical use of modern information technologies is an effective way of increasing the operating efficiency of oil-and-gas, which enables to update business processes at all levels of management, production and sale activities. One of the tools to achieve these goals is the complex management information system (CMIS) starting from the local automation equipment of each processing facility and right up to the the automated integration and data processing system (AIDPS) of the company. The application of complex management information systems provides ample opportunities for the mobilization of reserves meant for the reduction in manufacturing and non-manufacturing costs and losses and also at the increase of income of oil- and-gas companies. To implement the necessary functions in Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoe field, the facilities of automated process control systems (APCS) are supplied with certain amounts of automation. To solve the functional tasks, the specialpurpose software tools are used as capable of operation with real time data. Construction of the CMIS system in compliance with the assigned requirements provides the collection of production information to the necessary extent, storage, processing and representation of the information, completion of the applied tasks which contribute to complex engineering evaluations and modeling of production processes and facilities. While designing the CMIS of Yurubcheno-Tokhomskoe field, the controlled facilities were combined on the technological basis as facilities of oil production and reservoir pressure maintenance, oil treatment and transportation, life support and power engineering. In the CMIS structure the second level of APCS is implemented for operational dispatcher control over the production. The AIDPS accumulates information from lower levels of the automation in real time and converts them into meaningful production events for the further analysis. The basic performance indicators of an enterprise, which are positively influenced by the CMIS application mainly include the increase of efficiency and reduction in production costs. Decrease in cost of production refers to all types of costs: raw materials, energy carriers, human resources, etc., and it is conditioned by an accurate production planning which enables to optimize the use of all the enterprise resources. Increase in efficiency is mainly resulted from improvement of workflow, in particular the planning process, paperless production management, more effective preparation of accounts, elimination of doubling during data access, etc. The CMIS application also provides increase in the enterprise prestige and improvement in the quality of production, emergency situation prevention, production and environmental safety.

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